Learn with this web-teacher how to type quickly


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Few people learn to type correctly, but knowing how to do it properly has its advantages both in terms of increasing your speeds when writing and in taking care of your hands.

A multitude of tools exist for learning to type, both on the desktop and available on the Internet, and TypingWeb is one of them.

TypingWeb makes available a large number of free online typing courses, all of them designed to be practical, and all classified according to level of difficulty, so that you can learn step by step how to type correctly.

By means of a series of entertaining lessons, usefully divided into different stages, you can quickly learn correct typing skills. Lessons focus on overcoming the difficulties that arise during the course.

Besides offering courses, this web application gives you tools to use like exams, games and statistics to complement the education which the courses provide.

TypingWeb is of course entirely in Spanish, and even comes configured specifically to aid learning to type using a Spanish keyboard, thus ensuring that language difficulties present no barrier.